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Why Choose Us?


Our goal is to make your accounting needs hassle-free so that you can focus on the things that matter.


After an initial intake-consultation, we use the data in your accounting files to download, prepare, and issue your financial statements every month.

The end result is countless hours free to focus on other aspects of business.

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As compared to other "boutique" accounting businesses, The Accountants Group strives to handle all of your needs at a rate substantially lower than our competitors.

Once we've reviewed your files, we offer an all-inclusive quote for services.

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Each of our accountants and finance professionals have a minimum of 10 years of experience in Accounting, Software Set-up & Integration, Forensic Accounting, IRS & FTB Tax Audits, and assisting with Legal matters such as civil litigation.

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01. Accuracy

We will provide you with an accurate overview of the current state of your business.

02. Relevance

Our team are constantly updating their accounting knowledge so you your financial reports are accurate and specific to your industry: technology, law, construction, etc.

03. Quality

Our work reflects your need for the metrics that will help steer your personal or business decisions.

04. Timeliness

Our team understands that time is money, so we will ensure that your financial reports are prepared and issued in a timely manner. Turnaround matters to our clients.  After our on-boarding, we will handle all needed filings, documentation preparation and analysis of previous transaction history, payroll and contracts.  

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